Custom Maid 3D

Custom Maid 3D is a video game that recently upgraded for the Oculus Rift virtual reality system, enabling you, assuming you are a man, to realistically fuck anime characters

by way of a controller you operate with your cock.

In the original version of the game you were made to pleasure these cartoon vixens with your mouse pointer.

According to Reddit, the Oculus version will not even start up unless you have the dick controller, called the "JU-C Air", plugged in and activated. And why should it? If you're not going all in with Custom Maid 3D why are you wasting it's fucking time? What to you think it came here for? To get to know you? I don't think so.

The JU-C Air responds in real time to your thrust speed, causing the characters to react in time.

I have questions, does the cuff actually respond to you? Vibrations? Does it act on your cock like a blood pressure cuff or a massage chair at sharper image? Is the texture Fleshlight quality?

Since this comes from Japan, all of the cartoon vaginas are censored - making things, in my opinion, extra raunchy. But the Rift is still in developer mode and the thing it does best apparently is to cause major mind body separation induced nausea. We are in the Kitty Hawk days of VR and VR sex. Once a comparable female device is thrown into the mix, there goes sex as we know it.

And maybe instead of saying male device and female device, I should say penis and vagina, because all we are really talking about is wiring the brain to the computer by way of stimulating the two most nerve dense organs in the human body. Eyes and genitals. It is a mistake to describe this kind of breakthrough in terms of traditional male/female gender identity. The VR sex machine is a gender plasticizing machine. Any sex you can dream. Monogamy will be challenged. Long distance polyamory will be the dominant form of relationship.

Fucking is integrated into Facebook.

Oh, hmmm, make that Twitter.

Custom Maid 3D is made by these courageous individuals.