Don’t choke on your marshmallow

It’s October 2005 and New York City is still trenched in a post 9-11 freak-out.

Several nights before the bizarrely Freudian death of President George W. Bush, a chain-smoking, blue haired, teenage kleptomaniac named Spooky Bonsai broke into the posh downtown condo of ex-cover-girl-turned-jihadist, Honey DuBois. Spooky tried on a mysterious leather jacket, stole a pair of prototype Alexander McQueen boots, and then went home to Brooklyn. In the morning, Ms. DuBois was found in a pool of her own blood.

Now, Spooky is on the run from the cops, dogged by a sinister black ops agency known as the Fashion Police, and every step she takes to clear her name sends her deeper down the rabbit-hole of a conspiracy to weaponize human sexuality.

Enlisting the help of her computer hacker BFF, an Italian switchblade, a submissive ninja bodyguard, and Honey’s enigmatic sister, Sugar, Spooky penetrates the heart of this
erotic mystery and comes face-to-face with the hideous thing lurking beneath the ruins of Ground Zero.